Metal Building Glossary - "A"

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Building Terms:

Building products that supplement basic solid panel metal buildings such as doors, windows, skylights, canopies, vents, etc.

American Concrete Institute

Agricultural Building
A building designed to house farm equipment, livestock, poultry, grains and other agricultural products. Such buildings shall not include habitable spaces or spaces in which agricultural products are processed or packaged.

The American Institute of Steel Construction

American Iron and Steel Institute

Aluminum coated steel.

Aluminum Coated Steel
Aluminum coating applied to steel for corrosion resistance.

Anchor Bolt Plan
A plan view drawing showing the diameter, location and projection of all anchor bolts for the components of the metal building system and may show column reactions (magnitude and direction). The maximum base plate dimensions may also be shown.

Anchor Bolts
Bolts used to anchor components to a foundation or other building support.

American National Standards Institute

Approval Drawings
Approval drawings may include framing drawings, elevations and sections through the building as furnished by the manufacturer for approval of the buyer. Approval by the buyer affirms that the manufacturer has correctly interpreted the overall contract requirements for the metal building system and it's accessories, and the exact location of accessories in the building.

Architectural Drawing
A drawing showing the plan view and or elevations of a finished building for the purpose of showing the general appearance of the building and also indicating all accessory locations.

The American Society of Civil Engineers

Allowable Stress Design

A group of mutually dependent and compatible components or subassemblies of components.

A closure between the two leaves of a double swing or double slide door.

Automatic Crane
crane which when activated operates through a preset series of cycles.

Automatic Welding
A welding operation utilizing a machine to make a continuous, unbroken weld.

Auxiliary Crane Girder
A girder arranged parallel to the main girder for supporting the platform motor base, operator's cab, control panels, etc., to reduce the torsional forces that such load would otherwise impose on the main crane girder.

Auxiliary Loads
All specified dynamic live loads other than the basic design loads which the building must safely withstand, such as cranes, material handling systems, machinery, elevators, vehicles, and impact loads.

Awning Window
A window in which the vent or vents pivot outward about the top edge of the window creating an awning effect.

The American Welding Society

Axial Force
A force tending to elongate or shorten a member.

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