Metal Building Glossary - "B"

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Building Terms:

Bar Joist
A name commonly used for "Open Web Steel Joists".

Base Angle
An angle secured to a wall or building foundation used to attach the bottom of the building wall paneling.

Base Plate
A plate attached to the base of a column which rests on the building foundation or other support, usually secured by anchor bolts.

Base Tube
A continuous member imbedded in the edge of the foundation to which the wall panels are attached.

The space between building frame center lines or primary supporting members in the longitudinal direction of the building.

Basic Building Code

A horizontal structural member of a building that carries a load.

Beam and Column
A primary structural system consisting of a series of rafter beams supported by columns, often used as the end frame of a metal building system.

Bearing Plate
A steel plate that is set on the top of a masonry support on which a beam or purlin can rest.

The primary member of a structural system.

Bill of Materials
List of items or components used for fabrication of the building.

Bird Screen
A wire mesh used to prevent birds from entering a building through ventilators and louvers.

Blind Rivet
A small headed pin with an expandable shank for joining light gauge metal. Typically used to attach flashing, gutter, etc... to the building.

Block or Board Thermal Insulation
Rigid or semi rigid thermal insulation preformed into rectangular units.

Building Officials and Code Administrators International Inc.

Bonded Roof
A roof with a written warranty with respect to the weather tightness of the roof for a specified number of years.

Box Girder
Girders, trucks or other members of a rectangular cross-section enclosed on four sides.

Brace Rods
Rods or cables used in roof and walls to transfer loads such as wind loads, and seismic and crane thrusts to the building foundation. (also often used to plumb buildings but not designed to replace erection tables)

Rods angles or cables used in the plane of the building roof and walls to transfer loads, such as wind, seismic and crane thrusts to the building foundation.

A structural support projecting from a wall or column on which to fasten another structural member. Examples are canopy brackets, lean to brackets, and runway brackets.

Bridge Crane
A load lifting system consisting of a hoist which moves laterally on a bean girder, or bridge which in turn moves longitudinally on a runway made of beams and rails. Loads can be moved to any point within a rectangle formed by the bridge span and runway length.

Bracing or systems of bracing used between structural members of a building.

British Thermal Unit (BTU)
The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit.

BTU (British Thermal Unit)
The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit.

A party who, as routine part of his business, buys Metal Buildings Systems from a manufacturer for the purpose of resale.

A structure forming an open, partially enclosed, or enclosed space structured by a planned process of combining materials, components, and subsystems to meet specific conditions of use.

Building Aisle
The space defined by the length of a building and the space between the building columns.

Building Codes
Regulations established by a recognized agency describing design loads, procedures and construction details for structures usually applying to a designated political jurisdiction (city, county, state, etc.)

Built-Up Roofing
Roof covering made up of alternating layers of tar and asphalt building materials.

Built-Up Section
A structural member, usually an "I" shape section, made from individual flat plates welded together.

An energy-absorbing device for reducing impact when a moving crane or trolley reaches the end of it's permitted travel, or when two moving cranes or trolleys come into contact with each other.

Butt Plate
The end plate of a structural member usually used to rest against a like plate of another member in forming a connection. Sometimes called a splice plate or bolted end plate.

Bypass Girt
A building wall framing system where the girts are mounted on the outside of the building columns.

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