Metal Building Glossary - "E"

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Building Terms:

The line along the sidewall formed by the intersection of the planes of the roof and wall.

Eave Canopy
A projecting roof system on the sidewall that is supported and restrained at one end only.

Eave Gutter
See "Gutter".

Eave Height
The vertical dimension from the building's finished floor to the top of the eave strut.

Eave Strut
A structural member at the eave to support the building's roof panels and wall panels. It may also transmit wind forced from roof bracing to wall bracing.

Edge Strip
The surface area of a building at the edges of a roof and at the wall intersections where the wind loads on components and cladding are greater than at other areas of the building.

Effective Wind Area
The area of the building used to determine the wind coefficient. The effective wind area may be greater than or equal to the tributary area.

Elastic Design
A building design concept utilizing the proportional behavior of materials when all stresses are limited to specified allowable values in the elastic range.

Electric Operated Crane
A type of crane where the bridge, hoist or trolley is operated by electric power

Electric Overhead Traveling Crane
An electrically operated machine for lifting, lowering and transporting loads, consisting of a movable bridge carrying a fixed or movable hoisting mechanism and traveling on an overhead runway structure.

The amount of heat radiated from a surface. The greater the emissivity, the greater the ability of a surface to cool itself through radiative heat loss, which ultimately reduces energy consumption

End Approach
The minimum horizontal distance, parallel to the runway, between the outermost extremities of the crane and the centerline of the hook.

End Bay
The bays adjacent to the endwalls of a building. Usually the distance from the endwall to the first interior main frame measured normal to the endwall.

End Frame
A frame located at the endwall of a building which supports the loads from a portion of the end bay.

End Post
See "Endwall Column"

End Stop
A device attached to a crane runway or rail to provide a safety stop at the end of a runway.

End Truck
The unit consisting of truck frame, wheels, bearings, axles, etc., which supports the bridge girders.

End Zone
The surface area of a building along the roof at the endwall and at the corners of walls.

An exterior wall which is parallel to the interior main frame of the building.

Endwall Column
A vertical member located at the endwall of a building which supports the girts. In post and beam endwall frames, endwall columns also support rafter.

Endwall Overhang
See "Purlin Extension".

Engineer/Architect of Record
The Engineer or Architect that is responsible for the overall design of the building project. The manufacturer's engineer is not the Engineer of Record.

The on-site assembling of fabricated Metal Building System components to form a completed structure.

Erection Bracing
Materials used by erectors to stabilize the building system during erection, also typically referred to as temporary bracing.

Erection Drawings
Roof and Wall erection (framing) drawings that identify individual components and accessories furnished by the manufacturer in sufficient detail to permit proper erection of the Metal Building System.

A party who assembles or erects a Metal Building System.

Expansion Joint
A break or space in construction to allow for thermal expansion and contraction of the materials used in the building structure.

Exterior Framed
A wall framing system where the girts are mounted on the outside of the columns.

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