Metal Building Glossary - "F"

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Building Terms:

Manufacturing process of converting raw materials into finished metal building system components.

An architectural treatment, partially covering wall, usually concealing the eave and/or the rake of the building.

Refers to the paint finish on panels becoming less vibrant of color.

A decorative trim or panel projecting from the face of a wall.

Windows or other panels of glass; their numbers and location.

The "job site", "building site" or general marketing area.

Filler Strip
See "Closure Strip".

Film Laminated Coil
Coil metal that has a corrosion resistant film laminated to it prior to the forming operation.

Fixed Base
A building column base that is designed to resist rotation as well as horizontal or vertical movement.

Fixed Clip
A standing seam roof system hold down clip which does not allow the roof panel to move independently of the roof substructure.

The projecting edge of a structural member.

Flange Brace
A member used to provide lateral support to the flange of a structural member.

The metal used to "trim" or cover the juncture of two planes of material.

Floating Clip
A standing seam roof system hold down clip which allows the roof panel to move independently of the roof substructure. Also known as "Sliding Clip" or "Slip Clip".

Floor Live Load
Those loads induced on the building's floor system by the use and occupancy of the building.

Flush Girts
A building wall framing system where the outside flange of the girts and the columns are flush.

A pad or mat, usually of concrete, located under a building column, wall or other structural member, that is used to distribute the loads from the member into the supporting soil.

The action of one body to another body which changes or tends to change its state of rest or motion. A force may be expressed in pounds (Newtons), kips, or other similar units and may act as Compression Force ( force acting on a body tending to compress the body, (pushing action)), Shear Force (A force acting on a body which tends to slide one portion of the body against the other portion of the body. (sliding action)), Tension Force (A force acting on a body tending to elongate the body. (sliding action)) or Torsion Force (A force acting on a body which tends to twist the body.)

The substructure which supports a building or other structure.

Framed Opening
Frame work (headers and jambs) and flashing which surround an opening in the wall or roof of a building; usually for field installed accessories such as overhead doors or powered roof exhausters.

The primary and secondary structural members (columns, rafters, girts, purlins, brace rods, etc.) which go together to make up the skeleton of a structure to which the covering can be applied.

Framing Drawings
Plans and assembly instructions which identify all individual parts in sufficient detail to permit the proper assembly and installation of all parts of the metal building system furnished by the seller (also known as erection drawings).

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