Metal Building Glossary - "H"

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Building Terms:

H Section ("H" Section)
A steel member with a cross section in the shape of an "H".

Hair Pin
"V" shaped reinforcing steel used to transfer anchor bolt shear to the concrete floor mass.

Hand Geared Crane
A crane in which the bridge, hoist, or trolley is operated manually with the use of chain and gear without electric power.

The deepened portion of a column or rafter designed to accommodate the higher bending moments at such points. (Usually occurs at the intersection of the column and the rafter.)

The horizontal framing member located at the top of a framed opening.

High Strength Bolts
Any bolt made from steel having a tensile strength in excess of 100,000 pounds per square inch.

High Strength Steel
Structural steel having a yield stress in excess of 36,000 pounds per square inch.

Hinged Base
See "Pinned Base".

The line formed at the intersection of two adjacent sloping planes of a roof.

Hip Roof
A roof which rises by inclined planes from all four sides of a building.

A chain or electric operated mechanical lifting device usually attached to a trolley, which travels along a bridge, monorail or rib crane.

Hood (Door)
The metal flashing used over exterior slide door track along the full length of the door header to protect the tracks from weather and to conceal them for aesthetic purposes.

Horizontal Guide Rollers
Wheels mounted near the ends of end trucks which roll on the side of the rail to restrict lateral movement of the crane.

Hot-Rolled Shapes
Steel sections (angles, channels, "S" shapes, "W" shapes etc.) which are formed by rolling mills while the steel is in a semi-molten state.

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