Metal Building Glossary - "L"

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Building Terms:

Structure having only one slope or pitch and depending upon another structure for partial support.

The dimension of the building measured perpendicular to the main framing from outside to outside of endwall girts.

Leveling Plate
A steel plate used on top of a building foundation or other support on which a structural column can rest.

Lift (crane)
Maximum safe vertical distance through which the hook, magnet, or bucket can move.

Lifting Devices (cranes)
Buckets, magnets, grabs and other supplemental devices, the weight of which is to be considered part of the rated load, used for ease in handling certain types of loads.

Light Transmitting Panels
Panels used to admit light. Refers to either transmitting panels or wall lights.

Liner Panel
A metal panel attached to the inside flange of the girts or inside of a wall panel.

Live Load
Loads that are produced (1) during maintenance by workers, equipment, and materials, and (2) during the life of the structure by movable objects and do not include wind, snow, seismic, or dead loads.

Anything that causes a force to be exerted on a structural member. Examples of different types of loads are: dead load, impact load, roof live load, seismic load, wind load, crane load, collateral load and auxiliary load.

Loading Indicating Washers
A washer with dimples which flatten when the high strength bolt is tightened. The bolt tension can be then determined by the use of feeler gages to determine the gap between the washer and the bolt head.

The direction parallel to the ridge of the sidewall.

Longitudinal (crane)
Direction parallel to the crane runway beams.

A building opening provided with fixed or movable, slanted fins to allow the flow of air.

Low Rise Building
A class of buildings usually with less than a 60' eave height. Commonly, they are single story, but do not exceed 4 stories.

Load and Resistance Factor Design

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