Metal Building Glossary - "P"

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Building Terms:

Pan Panel
A standing seam panel which has vertical sides and has no space between the panels at the side laps.

Panel Notch
A notch or block out formed along the outside edge of the building floor slab to provide support for the wall panels and serve as a closure along their bottom edge.

The exterior metal roof and wall paneling of a Metal Building System. (cladding)

The portion of a vertical wall of a building which extends above the roof line.

Parts and Portions
See "Components and Cladding"

Metric unit of stress or pressure, force per unit area (N/M^2)

The uppermost point of a gable.

Peak Sign
A sign attached to the peak of the building at the endwall showing the building manufacturer.

Pendant Operated Crane
Crane operated from a pendant control unit suspended from the crane.

Personnel Doors
A door used by personnel for access to and exit from a building.

Pick Point
The belted part of a panel bundle where the bundle is to be lifted.

Piece Mark
A number given to each separate part of the building for assembly identification. Also called a mark number or part number.

A concrete structure designed to transfer vertical load from the base of a column to the footing.

Pig Spout
A sheet metal section designed to direct the flow of water out through the face of a gutter rather than through a downspout.

A reinforced or enlarged portion of a masonry wall designed to provide support for roof loads or lateral loads on a building wall.

Pin Connection
A connection designed to transfer axial and shear forces between connecting members, but not moments.

Pinned Base
A column base that is designed to resist horizontal and vertical movement, but not rotation.

The peak height of a gabled building divided by its overall span.

Plastic Design
A design concept based on multiplying the actual loads by a suitable load factor, using the yield stress as the maximum stress in any member, and taking into consideration moment redistribution.

Plastic Panel
A light transmitting panel. (Translucent Light Panel)

The gathering of water at low or irregular areas on a roof, or, the progressive accumulation of water from deflection due to rain loads.

Pop Rivet (Blind Rivet)
A small headed pin with an expandable shank for joining light gauge metal. Typically used to attach flashing, gutter, etc... to the building.

The measurement of the openings in a building which allows air to enter during a period of high wind.

Portal Frame
A rigid frame designed so it offers rigidity and stability in its plane. Generally used to resist longitudinal loads where other bracing methods are not permitted.

A secondary column at the end of a building used to support the girts.

Post and Beam
A structural building system consisting of a series of rafter beams supported by columns. Often used as the end frame of a building.

Post Tensioning
A method of pre stressing reinforced concrete in which tendons are tensioned after the concrete has reached a specific strength.

Power Actuated Fastener
A device for fastening items by the utilization of a patented device, which uses an explosive charge or compressed air to embed the pin in concrete or steel.

Pre-Painted Coil
Coil of metal, which has received a paint coating.

Pre-Stressed Concrete
Concrete in which internal stresses of such magnitude and distribution are introduced that the tensile stresses resulting from the service loads are counteracted to a desire degree; in reinforced concrete the pre stress is commonly introduced by tensioning the tendons.

A method of pre stressing reinforced concrete in which tendons are tensioned after the concrete has reached a specific strength.

Press Brake
A machine used in cold-forming metal sheets or strips into desired sections.

Primary Framing
See "Main Frame".

Primer Paint
An initial coat of paint applied to metal building components to protect them prior to erection.

Prismatic Beam
A beam with a uniform cross section.

Public Assembly
A building or space where 300 or more persons may congregate in one area.

A horizontal structural member which supports roof covering and carries loads to the primary framing members.

Purlin Extension
The projection of the roof beyond the plane of the endwall.

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