Metal Building Glossary - "R"

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Building Terms:

The main beam supporting the roof system.

Rail (Crane)
See "Crane Rail".

Rails (Door)
The horizontal stiffening members of framed and paneled doors.

The intersection of the plane of the roof and the plane of the building endwall.

Rake Angle
Angle fastened to purlins at rake for attachment of building endwall panels.

Rake Trim
A flashing designed to close the opening between the roof and building endwall panels.

Rated Capacity (Crane)
The maximum load (usually in tons) that a crane is designed to support safely.

The resisting forces at the column bases holding the structure in equilibrium under a given loading condition.

Reinforcing Steel
The steel placed in concrete as required to carry the tension, compression and shear stresses.

Remote-Operated Crane
A crane controlled by an operator not in a pulpit or in the cab attached to the crane, by any method other than pendant or rope control.

The placing of new metal roof or building wall system over deteriorated roofs or walls.

The longitudinal raised profile of a panel that provides much of the panels bending strength.

Ribbed Panel
A panel which has ribs with sloping sides and forms a trapezoidal shaped void at the side lap.

The horizontal line formed by opposing sloping sides of a roof running parallel with the building length.

Ridge Cap
A transition of the roofing materials along the ridge of a roof. (Sometimes called ridge roll or ridge flashing.)

Rigid Frame
A structural frame consisting of members joined together with moment connections so as to render the frame stable with respect to the design loads, without the need for bracing in its plane.

Roll-Up Door
A door that opens by traveling vertically.

Rolling Doors
Doors that are supported at the bottom on wheels which run on a track.

Roof Covering
The exposed exterior roof surface consisting of metal panels.

Roof Live Load
Loads that are produced (1) during maintenance by workers, equipment, and materials, and (2) during the life of a structure by movable objects and do not include wind, snow, seismic or dead loads.

Roof Overhang
A roof extension beyond the endwall or sidewall of a building.

Roof Slope
The tangent of the angle that a roof surface makes with the horizontal, usually expressed in units of vertical rise to 12 units of horizontal run. (Roof Pitch)

Roof Snow Load
That load induced by the weight of snow on the roof of a structure.

Runway Beam
See "Crane Runway Beam".

Runway Bracket
A bracket attached to the column of a building frame that supports the runway beam for top-running cranes.

Runway Conductors
The main conductors mounted on or parallel to the runway, which supplies electric current to a crane.

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