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Industrial Steel Buildings

The industrial sector plays a pivotal societal role, whether it’s manufacturing the consumer products that improve people’s quality of life or generating the electricity that powers homes and businesses. Facilities must accommodate bulky machinery and the movement of in-process materials and finished goods, some of which are oversized and heavyweight. As a result, buildings made using traditional building materials and methods just won’t cut it. 

Industrial companies can improve time to market with support from Braemar Building Systems, a leading supplier of pre-engineered metal structures designed for a client’s specific needs. They’re fully customizable, delivered to a location, and assembled quickly, enabling production to continue interrupted. 

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Benefits Of Prefab Industrial Buildings  

An industrial facility with an optimized layout can boost productivity while saving money. The key is to create a flow where people, material handling equipment, and process media move effortlessly throughout the shop. The better a layout caters to these, the smoother the production. 

Metal buildings are perfect for industrial site purposes because they’re affordable and quick to erect. They can be built to just about any width, height, and depth. Future expansions are simple. These structures can support overhead or workstation cranes and accommodate pedestrian and vehicular access points.  

Available insulated wall or ceiling panels regulate temperatures inside metal buildings, regardless of external weather conditions. These controlled environments boost employee productivity while making it possible to manufacture temperature-sensitive products.  

The Steel Building Advantage

A pre-engineered steel building is a structure composed of a steel frame, roof, and wall panels that are manufactured at a factory. The components are delivered to a location and fastened together.  

Designs can incorporate decorative features, insulation, flooring, doors, ventilation, and climate control. Additional benefits of an industrial metal building include:  

  • Fast Construction Time 
  • Affordable To Build 
  • Utilizes Quality Construction  
  • Design Flexibility  
  • Can Be Expanded Later 
  • Inexpensive To Maintain  
  • Energy Efficient 
  • Many Architectural Accent Features Are Available 
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Industrial Steel Building Considerations

Braemar Building Systems strives to make the custom metal building creation process simple and straightforward. We work closely with you to develop the best design for your client. Aspects taken into consideration during the design phase include:  

  • The Intended Use 
  • Project Budget 
  • Site Size 
  • Foundation Type 
  • Bay Spacing 
  • Roof Slope 
  • Loads 
  • Wind Uplift 
  • Space Between Bearing Points 
  • Deflection Criteria 
  • Component Size And Weight 
  • Frame Type 

We can produce clearspan, multi-span, extended bay, and lean-to frames. The best frame type for an application depends on a building’s size and intended use. 

Industrial Steel Building Applications

Whether manufacturing electronic devices or transforming crude oil into refined gasoline, an industrial site is judged on throughput, safety, and costs. Prefabricated metal industrial buildings are adaptable and far more cost effective than traditional buildings.  

Braemar Building Systems partners with trusted general contractors or local builders who help industrial clients obtain industrial steel buildings to suit their process. With over four decades of experience, we’ve manufactured structures for a wide range of industrial uses.  

  • Oil And Gas Production  
  • Heavy Equipment Manufacturing  
  • Consumer Goods Production  
  • Textiles Manufacturing  
  • Electronic Device Production  
  • Oil Tools Manufacturing  
  • Welding Shops  
  • Medical Device Manufacturing  
  • Pharmaceutical Production  
  • Aerospace Manufacturing  
  • Oil And Gas Refining  
  • Machine Shops 
  • Automobile Manufacturing  
  • Carpentry  
  • Appliance Manufacturing  
  • Petrochemical Facilities  
  • Metallurgical Laboratories  
  • Furniture Making  
  • Plastics Manufacturers  
  • Food Processing 
  • Breweries  
  • Toy Manufacturing  
  • Wineries  
  • Mills 
  • Fabrication Shops  
  • Metals Processing 
  • Pipe Yards 

Our industrial steel buildings are designed to include enough space for everything the client requires. Examples include offices, overhead or workstation cranes, employee breakrooms, bathrooms, conference rooms, vehicle, and pedestrian pathways, and tractor-trailer loading docks. 

Industrial Steel Building Components

The main purpose of industrial facilities is usability, but appearance shouldn’t be overlooked entirely. Well-appointed metal buildings can attract talented workers and boost client relationships. Adding decorative features can make pre-engineered metal building facades look as welcoming as traditional structures. 

Braemar Building Systems offers a wide range of design accent features. Here are some examples:  

  • Eaves 
  • Downspouts 
  • Decorative Roofing Panels 
  • Windows 
  • Decorative Wall Panels 
  • Metal Roofing Panels 
  • Range Of Color Options 
  • Partitions 
  • Insulation 
  • Pedestrian Doors 
  • Skylights 
  • Vehicular Doors 
  • Wall Lights 
  • Trim 
prefab industrial buildings
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industrial steel buildings
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Industrial Project Gallery

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Industrial Project Gallery

Explore examples of our Steel Building Projects within the Industrial space.

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Improving Industrial Productivity 

General contractors and local builders can help industrial clients get the space they need, designed the way they want it, by partnering with Braemar Building Systems. 

Give us a call for more information about our industrial steel buildings. We’re happy to discuss your project in greater detail. 

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