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Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

Government & Municipal Metal Buildings

The backbone of every community, town, or city is the local government. It’s responsible for providing essential amenities, from clean water and roadways to emergency response and libraries. The buildings that support these services must be durable and budget-friendly.  

General contractors and local builders can improve government infrastructure by partnering with Braemar Building Systems. Our team works with you to create pre-engineered metal governnmental steel structures that will become civic cornerstones for years to come.  

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Benefits Of Steel Buildings For Government Use

Steel-framed buildings with architectural metal cladding are the preferred construction method for municipal facilities. They’re customizable, durable, easy to build, and affordable. Here are typical uses for these structures:  

  • Water Treatment Facilities  
  • Libraries 
  • Park Structures  
  • Equipment Storage  
  • Vehicle Storage  
  • Offices 
  • City Halls  
  • Pavilions  
  • Tourism Bureaus  
  • Courthouses  
  • Fairgrounds  
  • Convention Centers  
  • Auditoriums  
  • Visitors Centers  
  • Police Departments  
  • Theaters  
  • Public Works Facilities  
  • Fire Departments  
  • Emergency Medical Service Departments, or EMS, Departments  

Metal Buildings Explained  

A pre-engineered steel building is a structure composed of a steel frame, roof, and wall panels that are manufactured at a factory. The components are delivered to a location and fastened together. Advantages of this building type include:  

  • Fast Construction Time 
  • Affordable To Build 
  • Utilizes Quality Construction  
  • Design Flexibility  
  • Can Be Expanded Later 
  • Inexpensive To Maintain  
  • Energy Efficient 
  • Many Architectural Accent Features Are Available 

Designs can incorporate pedestrian and vehicular traffic entrances, decorative features, insulation, flooring, ventilation, and climate control.  

Your Municipal Metal Building Partner 

Braemar Building Systems is a leading prefabricated government building manufacturer. We partner with trusted general contractors, architects, and builders whose clients need structures tailored to their requirements.  

Our engineers work with you to fulfill any request. We can design structures that accommodate water processing equipment, HVAC units, heavy crane systems, bracing systems, roof loads, heavy piping loads, mezzanines, and more.  Check out our Getting Started Guide for common items to consider when purchasing a metal building. 

Prefabricated Metal Structures Built To Last

When it comes to constructing new or expanding existing governmental structures, Braemar Building Systems has the expertise to provide solutions that suit your exact needs. With over 40 years of experience, we’ve developed a streamlined pre-engineered steel building design process. Aspects taken into account are: 

  • The Intended Use 
  • Project Budget 
  • Site Size 
  • Foundation Type 
  • Bay Spacing 
  • Roof Slope 
  • Loads 
  • Wind Uplift 
  • Space Between Bearing Points 
  • Deflection Criteria 
  • Component Size And Weight 
  • Frame Type 

Manufacturing kicks off after design approval. We’ve factories throughout the United States of America and Canada, enabling us to turn around orders quickly. With a facility in just about every region, delivery time is also best-in-class. 

We can produce clearspan, multispan, and extended bay concepts with few or no columns. Lean-to frames are a popular way to add space to existing structures. The best frame type for an application depends on a building’s size and intended use. 

Create Friendly Spaces

We can help create a building concept that improves your government process while incorporating elements that personalize the space, such as insulated metal panels and decorative parapets. With endless possibilities in coloring and finishes, Braemar Building Systems can make your municipal structure welcoming to citizenry and workers.  

  • Eaves 
  • Downspouts 
  • Decorative Roofing Panels 
  • Windows 
  • Decorative Wall Panels 
  • Metal Roofing Panels 
  • Range Of Color Options 
  • Partitions 
  • Insulation 
  • Pedestrian Doors 
  • Skylights 
  • Vehicular Doors 
  • Wall Lights 
  • Trim

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To improve municipal structures without breaking the bank, turn to Braemar Building Systems. With over 40 years of design and manufacturing experience, we produce custom metal structures on time and within budget.  

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our municipal steel buildings. We’re happy to discuss your project further. 

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